Don McCallum is a highly experienced engineer and manager with a track record of project delivery. He has worked globally across a number of sectors counting international development and humanitarian aid, universities and research, and several industrial fields including mining, manufacturing and the printing industry. A registered Member of Engineers Australia with a PhD in 3D printing, Don is able to understand complex technical concepts and the governance, finance, resourcing, stakeholder relations and good management practice required for project delivery.

Andrea Osterwalder is a registered paediatrician with an extensive career in medicine and medical management for humanitarian aid and international development. She recently completed a Masters’ in Public Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She is fluent in four languages and conversant in several more. She has practiced medicine in Europe, Africa and Australia. She has leading knowledge of program design, human resource management, statistics and data analysis.

Development. La Mode is capable of undertaking projects in a number of domains: our work is tied together by a continuing theme of development. Be it international development, program development or product development.

Engagement. La Mode gets things done by engaging with people. We can help develop new relationships and take on the task of stakeholder management. We are proud of our ability to communicate across sectors, staff levels, continents, languages and cultures.


Stakeholder engagement: La Mode has the knack for connecting people. We have a history of working across sectors: linking industry to academia and government, joining different skills and professions, bridging profit to pro bono and making associations across the globe. This is a big part of how we help create new and fruitful opportunities.

Contract management: La Mode has taken several multi-million-dollar collaborations from concept stage to signature. These have been a variety of contracts, memoranda-of-understanding and research agreements. These involved multiple stakeholders, often international. We’ve got coverage of technical, financial and intellectual property aspects of contracts, but most importantly we help bring along different types of stakeholders in the contract management journey.

Project proposals: We are able to take your idea from early stage conceptualisation and develop it into a concrete proposal, engaging stakeholders and building resources along the way. We can help with innovation and new technology, grant applications and new initiatives for development projects.

Project management: La Mode can provide a full PM service having demonstrated success in the delivery of many engineering, health and development projects. We can take responsibility for full project life cycle, adapting our methodology to suit the client and job, or consult and advise on certain aspects.

Academic services: Universities are among our national treasures, home to our greatest minds and bustling with the enthusiasm of our youth eager to learn. They can also be tribal, political, frustrating and complicated places. From course design and delivery, research projects, to advisory boards and new organisational entities, La Mode understands academic life and can help you deliver clear and crisp outcomes.

Technical and industrial: La Mode has a deep understanding of mechanical, material and process engineering. We’ve worked in mining, manufacturing, printing, laboratories and hospitals. Global reach has seen project delivery in Europe, Africa and Asia. We deliver high quality engineering and scientific outcomes to industry standards.

Health: La Mode has experience in many aspects of medical management and project delivery. We are professionals in paediatric and emergency health; humanitarian logistics and international development; program and project design; and have excellent understanding of medical data, analysis and statistics.

Reports: Annual and periodic reports, grants, sit reps, financials. We’ve got it covered in English, French and German.

Analysis: We are capable in program and project evaluation, monitoring and analysis. We can help find the fly in the ointment or why your indicators aren’t matching the perceived reality. We can look at your data sets or make personal contact with key stakeholders to find out what’s really going on.

Strategic management: We are able to help you with many of the thought process to help design your next venture, be it bringing a product to market, starting a global project, or getting a new initiative off the ground in a big organisation.

Not a project? Is there some ongoing task, report, activity, hanging around your organisation that just can’t be framed and delivered? We realise not everything can always be packaged up and neatly defined with a start date, end date, milestones and KPIs. Get in touch with La Mode to see how we can offer broad program support.


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